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Some Saudi veterans of overseas jihads have adopted one form of the doctrine of takfir, in which a Muslim is judged by another Muslim to be an unbeliever. Because traditional Islamic law calls for the execution of apostates, some have used takfir to justify attacks on the Saudi state. In recent years, these attacks have raised fears that the chaos in some of the world’s conflict zones is being brought home to Saudi Arabia by radicalized jihadists. The Saudi government thus finds itself in the awkward position of needing to defend the principle of jihad to its citizens while discouraging them from actually taking up arms. One step it has taken is simply to talk to those who have proved to be most vulnerable to the temptations of jihad, the captured militants themselves. As Jilani put it to me, “The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has the confidence to fight thoughts with thoughts.

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A parent needs to be strict to a certain extent but forcing your opinions on children can yield unwanted result such as children becoming rebellious. Remember, how you express your irritation and anger teaches your children about managing and organizing their own feelings and relationships. Help yourself to help your children. Think about the times when we deal with patience with our co workers or with new acquaintances. If we have the ability and capability to bear such patience then why do we choose to lose it with our loved ones?Understand, that teachings that are taught with patience help children to learn thoroughly and quickly. ead more »If you are a new teacher, then maintaining the decorum of your class can be one of the many challenges you are likely to face. Classroom discipline strategies given in this article can help you out. Discipline is one of the essential virtues in human life. The seeds of discipline are sown in early childhood itself. Schools play a vital role in inculcating the importance of discipline in young children. If you are a new teacher about to join school, then you must be equipped with solid classroom discipline strategies, that will enable you to manage your class.

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