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That's it. The field of play is two boards, each on an angle and set 27 feet apart. A player stands next to each board and has four bags to throw. Once all eight bags are thrown, that frame of play is complete. The American Cornhole Organization awards three points for a bag that goes through the hole and one point for a bag that lands on the board. ACO plays with cancellation scoring, which means only one player or team can score in a frame.

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The players all stand in a small wooden enclosure, holding onto a series of rotating poles while they try to shoot a soccer ball through the goal. As BARK founder Mark Cacka told HLN, the game was built to give the town’s kids something to do after its school closed down. Brownton’s children now travel to a neighboring town for their education. “I want stuff for our kids to stay in town,” Cacka told the network. See the full video of the table in action below. And for more human foosball, check out this video from Taiwan: Want more stories like this?Sign up for our newsletter and other special offers: sign me up Thank you for signing up!There is an old saying that, no gym can make champions.

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