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The RTLS solutionNetherlands delivered by Mieloo and Alexander had to work indoor andEurope, everyone can experience indoor surfing, body in an outdoor environment, with high levels of humidity,boarding and the rush of white water. The DWD white water, snow and high and low temperatures. water course is based on the design currently being built forthe Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. The white water course is Mieloo and Alexander delivered the RTLS solution providing300 meters in length, 20 meters wide and drops 5 meters the accurate location information of visitors in the complex. top to bottom. To further enhance the experience of this This locating data of visitors is further used to trigger andwhite water sports complex, a Visitor Tracking Video control the video system throughout the complex. Mieloo andSystem was delivered; leveraging various technologies such Alexander further developed a middleware solution, whichas, RFID enabled RTLS technology Real Time Locating operates real time between the RTLS and the video system. After enjoying this unique experience, the tags are handed Situated at the West Sea Cofferdam of the High Islandover by the visitor to the Dutch Water Dreams staff at the Reservoir within Sai Kung Country Park, Chong Hing Watercounter. In the mean time the video system edits all the Sports Centre offers a magnificent view of the countryside. video footage in an automated process and stores the film Its vast artificial lake is ideal for water sports activities. Theenabling the customers to download the film with his or her Centre is also a perfect place for day and tent camping.

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323. Ed, Special educationRio Salado College 2010 — 2011Teacher in residence program, Special educationWillamette University 1997 — 2000B. M. , Music TherapyExperienceParadise valley unified school district August 2010 Present Shake Rattle and Grow Music Therapy Services 2003 August 2010 Chrysalis Academy 2004 2010 SkillsTutoring, Special Education, Elementary Education, Autism Spectrum. , Learning Disabilities, Lesson Planning, IEP, Behavior Management, Applied Behavior. , Developmental.

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Also known as bags, baggo or bean bag toss, maybe even corn toss or soft horseshoes, the goal of this game is to toss bean bags through a fist size 6 inch diameter hole in a board that’s 27 feet away. AP Photo/John RabyAlso known as bags, baggo or bean bag toss — maybe even corn toss or soft horseshoes — the goal of this game is to toss bean bags through a fist size 6 in diameter hole. That's it. The field of play is two boards, each on an angle and set 27 feet apart. A player stands next to each board and has four bags to throw. Once all eight bags are thrown, that frame of play is complete.

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