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382. Such a request can be made at any point during the match that the ball is stopped or dead. The first request for an official is considered an official time out. The cost for the official will be split between the two teams. If the defensive team makes a request for an official while the ball is in play and stopped, and the offensive team simultaneously attempts a pass or shot, the request for a time out will be treated as a distraction by the defensive team. Likewise, a request for an official while the ball is in motion will also be considered a distraction.

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It currently handles 150 million searches a day, with the typical query lasting less than half a second. Google claims one of the widest audiences among eb sites, with…… Google might be one of the most iconic and most cataclysmic company of the last fifteen years or so. Starting as a simple search engine, Google has been able to evolve more rapidly and with more success than any other company imaginable. When it comes to the future, one can only look at the history and background of Google to provide clues as to how the company is likely to evolve. This paper examines Google's fundamental strategy for growth which has been to earn, entice, expand and experiment Faktor, 2013 and discusses how nearly every step and branch of their services, marketing efforts, and company organization falls under this greater umbrella. Earning intensely has been one of the major elements that has long allowed Google to grow as rapidly as it has and to experiment in so many different markets.

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Mobile lunch cart or other temporary mobile food vendors are excluded from this definition. “Educational institutions and facilities” means uses that provide state mandated basic education, public and private institutions of learning offering instruction from kindergarten to grade 12 required by the Education Code of the state of Washington; certified by the Washington State Board of Education; and/or under the authority and/or oversight of the Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction OSPI. Preschools and pre kindergarten facilities day cares are not educational institutions and facilities for the purposes of this definition. “Family entertainment enterprise” means an indoor location, on a smaller scale than a commercial amusement enterprise, where family oriented recreation activities take place. These activities can include but are not limited to video games, indoor miniature golf, billiard tables, foosball tables, air hockey tables, table tennis, and darts. If these activities are an appurtenant use to another commercial use i. e. , video games in a pizza parlor and will occupy less than 25 percent of the floor area of a business, they will not be considered a family entertainment enterprise and will not require a conditional use permit. “Floodplain” means any land area susceptible to being inundated by water during a flood. In connection with the National Flood Insurance Program, the term usually refers to the 100 year floodplain. The term is identical to “flood hazard area.

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